Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my restroom through the winter?

Yes. We have basic and heated restrooms available all year.  If you rent a sink restroom during the summer months, it will need to be switched out for a basic or heated restroom once temperatures start to drop.

How often do i have to have my restroom serviced?

You can have your restroom serviced as much or little as you would like, up to our minimum service schedule of once a month.  Common frequencies are twice per week, once per week, every other week and once a month.  There is a service charge associated with each service, per restroom. There is always a final cleaning service on pickup.

Can i put a restroom inside a building?

Restrooms can be kept inside, though we don't recommend it due to venting issues. If you choose to do so, please keep in mind we need to be able to get our service trucks withing 15 feet to service the restroom.

Yes. We call these event rentals, the price includes: delivery, rental of one day up to one week, and the cleaning service on pickup.

Can I rent a restroom for just a day?

We highly recommend you are present so we can ensure the placement of the restroom is where you would like. If you cannot be there, you can give us a detailed description of where you want the restroom placed.

Do i need to be present for delivery?

We recommend a minimum of 24-48 hours notice. Any orders placed by emails must be confirmed by phone. 

When should i place my order?

Yes. When you place your order, just let us know and we can get that set up for you.

Can you email my bill?

Your first months rental is due prior to delivery. We bill one month in advance for the rental and for any cleaning services done since the last billing cycle. Billing is usually done around the middle of the month.  For event rentals, payment is due before delivery, and a paid invoice will be sent when work is complete. 

When will i be billed for my restroom?

Yes we do. Payment in full is required for event and short term rentals. Long term rentals need to have a credit card on file for autopay.

Do you offer autopay?

Are there other fees associated with pumping my septic?

Depending on the conditions of where you are located, there could be an additional chain fee. If your septic is more than 100-120 feet away from where we can park, there could be an additional hose fee.